Banking for Those Wired Differently

We’ve been different from the very beginning.

Times Change. Integrity Doesn’t.

Over a half-century ago, a few astute people at Hewlett-Packard and Tektronix had a vision to strengthen financial futures. They saw the potential of uniting human dedication and technological innovation for a greater good. That’s the heart of First Tech Federal Credit Union.

What our founders recognized many years ago still holds true today. People within technology-driven companies are wired differently. Their passion for innovation has revolutionized the world, and they’re making tomorrow’s dreams a reality today. They also have unique financial needs that traditional banks simply can’t address.

We’ve specialized in serving those needs for over a half-century and in all that time, here’s what we know for sure. There’s no gizmo that replaces truly listening to someone. There isn’t a gadget that substitutes for personal attention. Our values aren’t password protected, and there are no shortcuts to developing great relationships.

Times change and technology may transform the way we operate, but it’ll never change who we are or our commitment to make banking as effortless as possible for you.

Today, First Tech is nearly 350,000 members strong and serves employees of the world’s most forward-thinking companies, including HP, Microsoft, Agilent Technologies, Amazon, Cisco and many more. If you’re already a member, we thank you. Your membership is very important to us, and we appreciate your trusting us with your financial future.

If you’re interested in membership, congratulations! You’re about to join the premier, nationwide credit union serving technology companies. We invite you to determine your membership eligibility , explore our accounts and services and then open an account online or at one of our branch locations.

We’re here to make your banking experience effortless and we think you’ll love the difference.